How to get likes on Instagram for free

18 May, 2022

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Posts on Instagram ultimately exist to attract likes. Having a highly-liked post on your page isn’t just great for your mood, but it’ll also ensure the page keeps getting more attention. Posts that attracted a large amount of likes over a short period of time have a higher chance of being featured in the recommendations of other users.

To get that many likes, you’ll have to work and be creative. It’s a healthy, common approach, but some try to get likes faster and cheaper. There are ways to do so, even if they aren’t very healthy for your page. Still, if you absolutely need your page to have more likes than it currently does, it’s quite possible.

Why do I need likes?

If you want to promote the page, likes are essential. The algorithm that spreads the posts around in Instagram is a complicated system, but one thing is certain: attracting likes is the chief way to spread your posts passively.

You can get them viral actively in a lot of ways. But passive inflow of followers is achieved by increasing the number of likes on your posts. You can do that organically, by improving the quality of posts, their number, as well as interacting with other pages. However, you can always just buy them, even if it’s not as effective.

Purchased likes aren’t nearly as effective. At the end of the day, you need a constant streak of likes across your posts, and not just from your followers, but also from people who just happened to stumble upon the page. Moreover, it’s also about the quality of the users that leave likes. The posts get recommended to people like them or their friends, which isn’t a large pool if they are bots.

Anyhow, there are several ways to get free followers and likes online.

Asking for likes

Asking for likes is still a popular way to attract numbers on your posts. It’s rather backwards, and can get you banned if done improperly. If done carefully, you can count on a modest amount of likes on your posts. Even so, it’s not reliable. Regardless, there are several ways you can go about doing that.

  • Ask a familiar group of people

That’s actually a fairly common way of introducing a first batch of followers to your Instagram page. In many of these, friends and family are the first to subscribe and leave likes. You can always ask them specifically to leave likes, but the results are obviously far from certain.

  • Go through other communities to ask for likes

Don’t do that. It’s here as a reminder that you shouldn’t just go about literally asking for free followers and likes. It won’t bring you any, and Instagram can ban you for it. If you want to do something similar, you can just be active in the comments. Leave the comments from the page that you want developed, and some likes will come passively.

Bot markets

Bot marketsThere are more professional means of attracting likes. For instance, there are tons of products that essentially provide you likes, one way or another. Some are just bot accounts, while others are more sophisticated instruments.

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Bots can also be simple or a bit more complicated. The most common type is just primitive accounts that feign activity on your posts in a one-time deal. You just order them to like or comment the posts as much as possible, and they’ll like any you request (or, sometimes, any they’ll find).

The more complex bot accounts not only look more presentable, but they also can keep leaving likes on new posts. They are a bit more expensive and create more of an impact, but it’s really much easier to attract real living users at this point. You can just invest into marketing rather than buy bots.

There are also sophisticated instruments, such as autolikers. Some are software that provides you with constant likes, but they are largely glorified bots. Some autolikers are interesting systems that reward you with high-quality likes in exchange for your own likes. It’s a back-scratching system.

In some of these, you have to leave likes on specified communities or communities of your choice. For it, you’ll gain some sort of local currency. You can then redeem it for likes of your own. And they are very high-quality likes from active, real users. That’s actually a great way to receive free Instagram followers and likes.

Other options

There are other options to get likes on your page. The most reliable and healthy way is to attract active followers. Proper marketing requires monetary investments, but you can attract a few of them for free or token payment. So, let’s explore some cheap ways of attracting subscribers.

  • Mutual reposts

It’s a common practice to conduct mutual PR by posting someone else’s post on you page in exchange for them doing the same thing. You can edit the picture to add an indicator that the post is created by another community. But the usual way is to just place the link in the description and tag them on the picture.

  • Making stories

You can always make a story that references some post or other. It’ll attract some likes. The same goes for other communities. They can likewise tag you on their stories or straight-up repost your stories so that people can directly go there and check it out. Just do make sure to interact with audiences that may actually like the content you make.

What’s best for me?

Regardless of what sort of page you have, it’s better to not get bots into your following. They may be an adequate source of short-term likes, but not a source of constant likes or as subscribers. It’s especially detrimental for the community if you invite a bunch of bots over early on in an attempt to get free followers & likes.

A lot of people just order bot cleaning services afterwards, because bot followers aren’t just a dead weight, they can potentially deteriorate the page. It will get recommended more rarely if you allow so many bots into your subscriptions. If you have this problem, try a bot cleaning service over at InstaHero.

Bot likes aren’t at detrimental, but they’ll still only be a modest short-term solution.


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