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19 May, 2022

Free Instagram followers analysis

Needless to say, followers are the chief resource you have on Instagram. Attracting them and developing your community are lengthy processes, but they are well worth it. With an active, numerous following, it’s much easier to spread your content around. And it’s also pleasant for you personally.

It’s possible to buy or just receive followers without even having to post anything. There are plenty of services that can provide such subscribers, although it’s not a healthy way to grow your community. It’s almost never to your advantage, but you can still do it if you feel like it’s a good action to take at the moment.

Disadvantages of buying followers

This approach is considered more disadvantageous than beneficial. Again, it’s much better to grow the community naturally, even if it’s longer and without any guarantees. Most purchases are done by nascent pages that want to attract some following to seem like an established page. But it’s not the best way to go about doing that.

  • These accounts are idle

In most of these websites, the subscribers you buy will be a short-term solution. Especially if they’re bots, they’ll leave likes only on the already posted pictures or quit after a short period of time. There are some services that provide living, sometimes interested followers, but they are scarce and paid.

  • You’ll regret it later

It is semi-effective early on, when you don’t care as much about the activity on your page. Later on, these idle accounts and bots will diminish the performance of your page and you’ll need to pay money to clean them or just do it manually for each one. If you find yourself in such a situation now, you can order a cleaning at InstaHero.

Advantages of buying followers

It really depends on what followers you’re buying, because there are variations. Some services provide more high-quality subscribers, but, again, you’ll usually have to pay to get them. Free providers mostly offer spam bots, and there’s really only one use for them.

  • Early boost

It’s no secret that Instagram users prefer subscribing to pages that already have at least some following. Even if the content is interesting, a lot of users will simply ignore it, if it has, say, 47 followers. So, some pages resort to buying a number of subscribers. There are even some that provide free subs, but they largely offer bots.

It’s one of the options to get an early boost. You can alternatively ask friends to subscribe or conduct mutual PR with other communities. Both are free, and, even though the results are smaller, it’s a far healthier method.

How do I get subscribers?

How do I get subscribersFor most of these services, you simply need to visit the website and find the ‘buy Instagram followers’ option. Commonly, it’ll be only one of many similar services offered there, because such websites rarely ever specialize in only boosting the subscriber count for Instagram pages.

To be clear, there are no fully free services. If you are offered free subscribers by some provider, it can be one of three things: a scam, a trial period or a very low-quality product.

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  • Scam

There are plenty of such scams, but they are very rarely hosted on a website. Usually, it’s a personal offer, made by someone on Instagram or other platforms. You should never buy bots or followers from someone other than a website. Such websites at least have an air of legitimacy about them.

  • Trial purchase

A trial purchase is a common thing for these websites. They essentially allow you to get a certain amount of followers for free in a limited offer. The idea is, if you liked what you got, you’ll come back for more and pay money that time. The quality of followers can differ, and sometimes they even look presentable. They are still bots, however.

  • Low-quality products

There are some bot farms that allow you to add a few to your page in exchange for some token activity or really just for free. They are, however, few in numbers and very low-quality. If it’s not a scam, and you really receive such followers, they’ll mostly be blank or nearly blank accounts.

Website examples

There are some examples of websites that provide trial purchases for Instagram subscribers, which means they provide a small portion of them for free. Essentially, you can go from one to another and acquire a sizeable number of followers, if you so wish.

  • Instafollowers

Instafollowers is a service that provides a variety of boosting opportunities for social media. They naturally specialize in Instagram subscribers, and you can get a small number (10, typically) for free. They promise fast delivery and constant customer support, but the followers themselves are low-quality.

To buy followers here, you need click on the ‘Instagram’ page on their official website, select the ‘get free followers’ option and insert your username. As a free trial, you can only get 10. It’s quite enough to test the quality of their followers, and you can buy a few more if you like what you get. Their prices aren’t steep.

  • Seek

Seek is one of the top-rated providers of social media services, including Instagram followers. Their services are a bit more pricy, but the subscribers you get are also of higher quality. Most seem like real people, even if they are much less useful than real subscribers.

To buy followers here, you’ll have to visit the website, find the correct page and insert your email. Once there, they’ll ask you to connect your Instagram account to the platform and select the product package. You can claim up to 50 (as of now), which is very generous.

  • Kicksta

Kicksta will get you more subscribers, but as part of a larger deal. They sell subscription packages that include driving new accounts into your page, among many other things. They don’t provide a trial period, per se, but you can return your money in full within 14 days.

Which should I use?

If you want to get as many free subscribers as you can, you should use all of these, and some more. It’s not the healthiest option, but you can still do that fairly easily, and without paying anything. True, it’ll only get you up to 50 followers per service, and you also need to find the ones that provide free samples.

The quality of bots will also differ. It’s better to stick to the high-quality followers and avoid blank bots. Even if it means you need to skip over some of these services, it’s a better way. Once your account grows, you’ll have to remove the bots anyhow. The high-quality ones will at least seem like living beings.


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