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26 May, 2022

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With each post and video you post, the metrics of your Instagram page changes. Likes, comments and views come in, new followers subscribe and some leave. It’s very important to take note of them, as it’s your primary way of improving the community. On its own, however, these metrics won’t tell you much.

Moreover, there are deeper statistics and parameters that you can’t easily view without the help of special software. And even then, you’ll have to spend some time figuring out what these numbers mean. You can’t do without all of that, unfortunately, because using analytics is the difference between conscious growth and simple inertia.

You can understand intuitively what they mean and how to use metrics to your advantage. However, there are special platforms that provide expertise on the subject, as well as top management and monitoring services to help turn Instagram communities bigger and healthier. The instahero.io service is one of them.

Importance of analytics

You can live without knowing how to see Instagram analytics. They do show the numbers your content collects, as well as interesting clues about your audience, and so forth. A lot of pages use these to see if they are doing worse or better or just to beam at the results of their work. That’s a perfectly fine option, but they can be used for better.

You can view Insights on Instagram for particular pieces of content. By comparing the likes and comments collected by your posts, as well as views gathered by your reels, you can see what sort of content gets more attention, and which of your creations are better-received by the audience. Then, just use this knowledge to most more of that well-received stuff.

The comparative function doesn’t end there.

Some parameters can be gathered from other communities and pages. This will enable you to compare your own metrics with those of your competitors. This can further increase your understanding of what parts of your community work, and which don’t. If the other community has better metrics, track what they do that you don’t.

But to make sense of more elaborate parameters, you’ll need to learn about it online, have a lot of experience managing Instagram communities or get help from professionals. It’s generally better to take as much advantage of your metrics as possible, because everyone wants their community to do well.

However, in some cases, it might be overkill to dive deep into statistics.

Should I use statistics?

Should I use statisticsThere are generally two kinds of Instagram pages, at least in this context. There are interest groups and fan pages that don’t have that much use for statistics, save to increase their viewership and like count. And then, there are sales pages, projects, promotional communities and so forth. These rely on statistics a lot.

  • Low-priority pages

The first type of pages still use statistics, because they can immensely help them grow, and they are also great for marketing purposes. But they don’t typically use additional software or more complex parts of Instagram Insights. They require a lot of time, attention, but don’t really bring much to pages that work for non-profit.

  • High-priority pages

There are communities and pages that work tightly with analytical data. Typically, accounts that do so also work with Instagram marketing tool box. They work extensively with advertising and all other features that allow them to make money and grow their business, project or anything else they promote with said page.

Metrics and other analytical data and crucial for minimizing and maximizing losses, improving passive and active follower inflow, as well as cover other important functions. In general, the main purpose of such analysis is to maximize activity on the posts and maximize growth.

Process behind analytics

You can view audience and Insights on Instagram to reach a lot of the basic metrics. You can only do so through the mobile app, at least for now. It’ll show you data about individual posts and page in general, your audience and roughly how well you’re doing. But the interpretation is still up to you, largely.

Free Instagram follower analysis

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Run an Instagram account analysis

Deeper analytics on Instagram are accessible usually through additional software. That’s where you get most crucial parameters needed for promoting your page that you can’t get on Instagram. The engagement rate, for instance, can be calculated by the special calculators you can find all over the Internet.

You can also view the graph of new or leaving followers, which is always a good indicator of how good your posts or other activities have been over a certain period of time. Needless to say, this info requires extensive monitoring, and you often can’t do it alone.

It’s especially crucial for pages that work for profit. They need to have a person who constantly monitors this data and makes appropriate marketing and content decisions related to improving these parameters. The best way to maximize the profits would be to contact a platform that can do it for you at high efficiency.

Using a marketing agency

Using a marketing agencyThere are plenty of social media agencies that work to improve all aspects of a community. They work for Twitter, TikTok and, naturally, Instagram pages. They can help you understand everything from high-profile marketing to what hashtag sequence you want on your post.

Their work typically revolves around several important aspects of account management: optimization, analysis, monitoring & assessment. Agencies group these functions into several services that you can either purchase individually or as part of a larger subscription, which is arguably better.

For example, let’s see how instahero.io does it.

The usual analysis services

Professional agencies largely focus on several functions, and in most analytical data becomes a valuable resource. Most of them try to turn the account as healthy as possible, which includes deleting junk accounts and increasing activity. These services are very important. Here are some services that instahero.io offers:

  • Optimization (mostly by deleting junk accounts);
  • Analysis of account and its audience;
  • Monitoring and audit of follower stats;
  • Selection of best ad placements

Optimization helps increase the engagement rate and decrease the number of bot and idle accounts. Cleaning these accounts from your followers list and protecting your account against new junk accounts is a good way to make your community healthier. It’ll increase relative activity and make your page more favorable for recommendations.

Analysis refers to analytics, metrics and post Insights surrounding your account, its contents and followers. These are mostly bits of descriptive information. For instance, it includes demographics, number of active and overall users and other interesting nuances (popular followers, ignoring followers, etc.)

Monitoring includes some of the most important metrics. It includes the progress of your followers (both incoming and outcoming), your engagement rate, information on individual posts and, of course, the comprehensive summary on all these parameters. That’s where you get advice on what to do next and compare it to the historic data.

Ad placement is also an important activity, but not as important as the other offered here. Essentially, you can view accounts and pages that may suit your promotion goals. You can view potential matches by a combination of keywords, hashtags and other parameters. There are also brief statistics on their own accounts.


In short, social media agencies use analytics, metrics and other data about your account to give you a comprehensive, condensed idea of how it’s doing. You’ll also receive advice on how to develop it further, which is invaluable, considering that it’s not really easy to understand this info without some sort of cause-and-effect explanation.

It’s also possible to delegate the development of community, as well as its management, to specialists. It needs to be a trusted person, because you’ll entrust the whole account to their control. Their job would be do monitor the data presented above and make decisions based on this knowledge. Without it, you’ll have to develop the thing on your own.

Regardless of what you decide to do, instahero.io can provide you with all the data you need to make these decisions. Note that these are paid services, and that’s known to deter some customers. However, they are also incredibly affordable. Treat it as a small investment into the growth of your community.

Some of these are one-off services, while others, such as monitoring, are sustainable and will be active for a month. You’ll be able to view the comprehensive chart of your account’s performance in just one menu. It certainly won’t solve your problems immediately, but that’s incredibly helpful and a good starting point.


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