Service for analyzing Instagram account and cleaning it from bots

Make a Free Instagram Followers Analysis in 1 Minute

  • Analysis shows the quality of followers why? You will know the quality of your followers and understand who reads and likes your posts, and also why coverage is falling
  • Audience criteria such as gender, age, geolocation, activity and authenticity why? This data will help you make better content, because you know who your followers are and where they come from.
  • Increase reach, engagement, and activity by removing junk and inactive audiences why? Bots and junk audience are not active, which means they "spoil" the statistics, in the service you can remove them forever

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6 Tools to Increase Your Account Reach

Profile Rating Profile Rating
Profile Rating Profile Rating
Profile Rating

An Instagram profile can turn a visitor into a loyal follower and customer (in a couple of minutes)...

... or maybe FOREVER push him away.

It all depends on how well it is designed.

A special program from InstaHero will analyze your profile according to 9 key parameters and show you which elements in it need to be changed. To increase its effectiveness.

Analytics Analytics
Detailed analytics of followers on Instagram shows:
  • Gender percentage of your followers why? You will understand how many women and men you have in order to better prepare content
  • Percentage of inactive profiles that have been inactive on their page and yours for more than one month why? You can see who is not liking you and remind them of your account to boost activity
  • The number of business profiles that tend not to scroll through the feed on Instagram why? You can delete unwanted followers who are of no use if desired
  • Those accounts that have more than 1500 followings. It indicates the use of mass following why? You can remove accounts that are most likely not interested in your content at all
  • Number of private profiles why? This is a bonus feature.:)
  • Number of mutual followers (you follow each other) why? You can like and comment those who follows you like you follow him
  • Percentage of foreign accounts (the language in the profile is not Russian) why? If you do not want to have foreigners, you can remove them from your account
Deleting bots
Deleting bots Deleting bots
Cleaning bots includes:
  • Automatic removal of bots why? The service itself will remove bots and junk accounts from your Instagram account, you only need to turn it on. It's safe.
  • Manual setting of deleting followers according to the selected parameters why? If you want to see exactly who you are deleting, for example, Arabs or those with over 7000 followers
  • Manual setting of deletion limits why? If you don't want a noticeable decrease in your followers count, we can delete them a little at a time but every day.

Bots or non-targeted, junk subscribers hang dead weight in your account. They don't watch posts, they don't like and they don't leave comments...

But they reduce your reach. If you remove the bots, the reach will rise (without ads and additional injections of money).

Monitoring Monitoring
Monitoring shows:
  • Movement of followers for the selected period
  • Engagement metrics
  • Number of outgoing followings on selected days
  • TOP posts by number of likes and comments
  • Summary table for all parameters
Spam protection
Spam protection Spam protection
Spam protection Spam protection
Spam protection includes:
  • Protection from unwanted comments
  • Protection from tags on spam publications
  • Protection from unwanted requests in Direct
Filtering by different criteria:
  • Curse words
  • Mentioning other people's accounts
  • Mention of given words
  • Absence of an avatar
  • Few posts on the wall
  • Too many followings
Selection of bloggers
Selection of bloggers
Selection of bloggers Selection of bloggers
  • Search bloggers by keywords, topic or phrases in the profile description
  • Ability to set search parameters
  • Presentation of brief statistics on all found profiles

Run a free analysis and find who is reducing your reach!

A detailed analysis of subscribers will show which accounts prevent you from increasing your reach!


You will increase your sales by

Analytics Analytics

1) The analysis will help identify junk, non-target subscribers. The less garbage, the higher the coverage. The more people will know about you... The more clients you will have.

2) Analysis helps you get to know your audience better. Her age. Her geography. Her preferences. This helps to create more interesting content... And the more interesting the content, the higher the engagement. The more sales.

3) You can analyze not only your account, but also donor competitors when you start masslooking or mass following. Quality donors will bring targeted subscribers and buyers to you.

Cleaning bots
Cleaning bots Cleaning bots
Cleaning bots

Everything is simple...

The fewer bots you have in your account, the higher the reach. The higher the reach, the higher the audience engagement (more potential customers or subscribers see your posts).

The more engaged customers (or subscribers), the more sales. Or advertising contracts (if you are a blogger).

Monitoring Monitoring

When launching targeted advertising and ordering advertising from bloggers, it is important to clearly control the quality of the attracted audience, which monitoring allows. In addition, it can be used to understand what kind of content comes to your audience.

Account protection
Account protection Account protection
Account protection includes:
  • Protection from unwanted new followers
Filtering by different criteria:
  • Presence of an avatar
  • Account with only a few posts
  • Many followers or few followers
  • No post for a long time
  • According to the stop words in the profile
  • Excluding active profiles from the delete list

Find out your mistakes in your INSTAGRAM profile and attract more clients!

Who should join



Your account will only have targeted, interested in shopping subscribers. And sales will go up.



Reach will rise (due to the removal of bots), you will understand what content "enters" the audience best... And there will be more subscribers.

Business profiles

Business profiles

You will attract more customers due to high-quality ad monitoring and high coverage.

SMM specialists

SMM specialists

With the service you will become an ESSENTIAL specialist for clients. Who sees, knows and does MORE than everyone else.

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How to start using InstaHero

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the account get banned?
No, it's completely safe. For example, if you do an analysis of followers, you can specify any account, even your friend’s one. He will not know about it. No password required.
Do I need to enter an account password?
Not for analysis, but for cleaning your account. After all, the service will remove bots for you, but it is completely safe. The person does not receive any notifications, he will not even know that you unfollowed yourself.
Is there a service to do everything instead of me?
Yes, we have a "set up for me" service for those who are afraid to do something wrong. Our specialist will set everything up himself, and will also advise you throughout the entire period so that you increase sales.
Is there an affiliate program?
Yes, we have an affiliate program. We offer 20 initial percent of the payments of referred users. Gradually, the % grows up to 40% depending on the turnover of the referred people.
How to increase the reach if bots are removed?
Here is an example. You post a publication, 100 people see it but 50 of them are bots. Only 50 real people will like the post. It is 50 %. And if you remove the bots, then the post will be seen by all 100% of real people, which means that the activity will be higher, and Instagram increases the reach for activity.
Where can I read about you?
Enter instahiro or istahero in the search box and you will see hundreds of reviews and recommendations. We try we to please all our clients :)

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  • Quality Audience
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We offer barter in return for mentioning us in a post and/or stories
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  • Ready to recommend us to your clients?
  • Ready to advertise us in profile chats?
We offer two options for cooperation:
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  2. Promo code Your personal promotional code for orders through you
  • Your courses should be on the topic of promotion and/or blogging
We offer supporting materials for your course on the topic of cleaning bots
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Affiliate program

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