Instagram engagement rate explained

26 May, 2022

Free Instagram followers analysis

Engagement rate is one of the crucial elements of a deeper page management on Instagram. Essentially, this percentage shows how many of your subscribers actively interact with you. Likes, views, commends and other sorts of activity are taken into account against the sheer number of subscribers.

You don’t need to guess the odds by looking at the numbers on your posts, although it’s an easy way to have a general idea. There are special algorithms that examine the parameters of your community or account. They’ll do it automatically and then produce a thorough analysis of your engagement, including the engagement rate number itself.

A free engagement rate calculator is a huge boost for your account if you mean to improve its performance.

Engagement rate calculators

An Instagram engagement rate calculator is a popular piece of software. Typically, you only need to insert a link to your page. It’ll take your audience insights into account and produce an accurate projection of your ER. There, you usually can compare the number to other communities in your field, etc. They typically show more stats than just ER.

Engagement rate professional calculator takes into account the activity volume of your users (including likes, comments, messaging, reel views and so forth) and compares them against the size of your community. The percentage shows the portion of people who recently took part in interacting with your community in any way. An engagement calculator will know how to calculate engagement rate without complex formulas.

Why is engagement so important?

First off, let’s define engagement and why it’s so crucial to the Instagram page.

Engagement volume rate can be imagined as a portion of subscribers that actively interact with your content. At least that’s the common description. Therefore, the higher your engagement is the better. It means that you accumulated an audience that is fond of your content and very willing to partake in any projects you launch.

These projects can be anything that uses the page as a starting point or basis for further development. For instance, you can advertise products on your Instagram page, promote your website there or just start a charity/campaign/collaboration/program of any sort. An active audience will be more likely to participate.

Why do I need an engagement rate?

Why do I need an engagement rateEngagement rate is a comparable parameter. You can calculate it for your page using any engagement rate calculator. There are plenty of these online, and if you want to do it manually, you’ll definitely find an engagement rate formula.

Free Instagram follower analysis

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You need to know your engagement rate to see what you can do to improve the activeness of your audience. As you saw, it can be hugely beneficial in the long run, as well as make creating posts more rewarding for you. An active audience also leaves more likes, which is great for one’s morale.

One of the main purposes of this rate is to compare it against other rates from similar communities. It can also be perceived as it is, but comparing can help you see what you can do better to improve your community. There are actually whole guides on how to do that, but you still need to know your rate to take any action. First, you need to calculate it. You can use any free Instagram engagement calculator you find.

For instance, if you take a free Instagram engagement rate calculator and use it to calculate your ER to be 3%, while a similar community has ER of 5%, you can look through their content, marketing and their approach to posting to see what you can do to increase your own rate. That can include making better posts, interacting with your community or even just posting mores stories.

Improving your ER

Improving your engagement rate per post is a lasting task. You won’t be able to increase it by several points just by taking some single action, usually. As a rule, it’s a meticulous process. There are some actions that you can take to improve your situation.

  1. Getting rid of bots

You should do a bot cleaning job once in a while. It’s especially relevant if you already have an established community with a big enough following, but you’ve never actually cleaned before. Bots and dead accounts don’t interact with the community at all. Their existence includes them into the audience, but their idleness makes sure they decrease the post engagement rate by some margin simply by existing.

Cleaning is a healthy procedure. If you want to get rid of your bots, you can simply purchase the service on a service, such as InstaHero.

  1. Posting regularly

Regular posting is a staple of any good community. Unless you are a famous personality that attracts attention simply by posting photos of themselves once in a while, you need to keep your people entertained. Therefore, having at least some semblance of a schedule is very beneficial.

How often you post is up to decide, but there needs to be regularity. It’s not healthy to post several posts in a span of one day and then disappear for a week. Some users will simply forget you exist or lose interest.

  1. Posting stories

Don’t neglect stories. They are a crucial element of your posting. They don’t just create attention themselves, but they can also remind the users that you are still active. Constant stories can create an air of reliability. The users will treat you as part of their day-to-day life and start checking you more.

It’s even more effective if you reference a post in your story. It can draw more attention to a good post you created, which in turn brings it to the users that didn’t interact with it yet, thus increasing the engagement rate somewhat. Do that constantly and you’ll increase the rate dramatically.


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